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Somersett Town Center

LEED and COMMISSIONING Technical Designs was the LEED project administrator and building commissioning agent. This project included two 2-story, 36,000 square foot buildings and one of the first LEED Core and Shell Project completed in Northern Nevada.


LEED Requirements installed in Somersett include: Positive, measured space ventilation, increased by 30% over standard design methods. CO2 monitoring of individual spaces with reporting and alarms Core and Shell required measurement of water, gas, and electrical usage by tenant along with base building measurement and reporting. Overall building control / scheduling from a central location with reporting for out-of-range space or equipment conditions. Mark Hauenstein, P.E. LEED A/P CxA with Technical Designs in Reno, NV, the engineering firm that provided MEP services, building commissioning support, and LEED expertise states that “The building monitors itself and provides management reports and e-mail notifications when service is required. The Owner will reap the rewards using this type of building control system for many years to come. Viconics based thermostats that are available in LON, BacNet, and Wireless format have opened up sophisticated but simple control components to a portion of the market that until now has been ignored. The controls market, at all levels, now has the alternative to the “closed black box” proprietary devices of the past.”

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