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Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Technical Designs is a national consulting firm that provides green engineering expertise and related services throughout the United States to a wide range of businesses, non-profits and public-sector organizations. With offices in Nevada and Texas, the firm helps its clients realize savings, boost profitability and stretch budgets through environmentally friendly infrastructure improvements. We are committed to helping the facility owner and manager maximize the return on their largest investment - their facility. We seek out Clients that believe a holistic sustainable approach is a marketable advantage that returns dividends.

Technical Designs starts with programming to evaluate client needs, budgets and schedules, and develops multiple options for addressing those issues.

Technical Designs sizes and selects systems for the most cost effective approach possible. We develop computer models to analyze operating and life cycle energy costs as well. Deliverables include preparation of design drawings, outline specifications, construction documents and construction cost estimates.

Construction Administration services include regular inspections to ensure that quality and workmanship meet standards specified in construction documents. Finally, we also offer Building Commissioning including supervision of system start-up and testing, personnel training for energy efficient operation of equipment and project closeout including as-of-record drawing documentation.

Mark Hauenstein, P.E. LEED BD+C CxA BEAP
Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Registered Professional Engineer - Arizona, California, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin
AABC Certified Building Commissioning Agent
ASHRAE BEAP (Building Energy Assessment Professional)
Tridium Controls Business Partner

Mission Statement

....Technical Designs’ mission is to provide superior technical services that optimize facility performance for the owner's best long-term value. We are dedicated to providing quality assurance services using the latest tools and innovative solutions to maximize facility operating efficiencies.


1998 Technical Designs was founded by Mark Hauenstein in 1998. Reno, Nevada was an ideal location on the West Coast with a great standard of living and easy access to all West Coast cities. Partnered with a large consulting firm in Dallas, Texas, Technical Designs can offer a wide range of services and experience with all kinds of project types. Our strength lies in our ability to maintain close administration and supervision of the project.


2010 The firm's extensive experience with the design of new facilities and renovation projects covers a broad range of building types, including advanced technology electronics and research labs, health care facilities, and commercial/retail centers and stores. We take pride in delivering lower first costs, minimizing change orders and reducing operating costs over the life of the project.


2021 Today, Technical Designs is introducing the latest technologies to the marketplace with a new understanding of the our role in reducing the overall carbon footprint and planning for the next 100 years of sustainable growth, both for our Clients and for our business.

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